Ashleigh =] (x___addictionx) wrote,
Ashleigh =]


Today was poop.
Woke up at laurens to the ring tone of my mom.
Voice answering: YELLING!
yup yup.
Well and then my bf calls me at 3:30...he had just woken up he says.
Then i tel him im going staighten my hair. And i will call him back he says okay bye.
I SHOUTED "I LOVE YOU" and hes all fuck i love u too.
And i said i shouted because i thought he wasnt going to say it...
which would have been a first for him.
He says okay just go and call me back.
I call him back within 5 mins( i had almost been done when he called)
{May i mention this was all at 3:45....}

Still no answer...i keep trying to call him. No answer..
NOt to mention hes grounded. SO this means he should be home.....

psh. Oh well. I got lunch today. =]+<3 x 12= awesome.

<333 the end of my day..
even though there is still 5 more hours.
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